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Just the Sea began its way on The Sea Side of Life in June 2018 and now, in 2022, we have decided to create our first Nautical Outlet full of nautical Lifestyle opportunities. Oh, Yeah!

Since the beginning we have been selecting garments, objects and artworks inspired by the sea. With stories and history of the sea or that have a positive impact on our way of life and therefore, on the sea, which we all are – aware or not of it-.

Now, four years later, we feel the need to continue lighter. That is why we have decided to create this section of Nautical Outlet.

Now you can take advantage of this big outlet opportunity to find the perfect nautical gift for everybody- young and old-. Nautical garments with history, utensils for life outdoors -by the sea or on a boat-, sailor’s games, sea life puzzles, striped merino wool blankets, beach towels, sailor’s knives, nautical accessories, sea art, nautical crafts, cool nautical decoration, nautical jewelry and much more with big sales – discounts of 40% , 50% and up to 70%-.

Hey Santa, invisible friend, dad, mom, dear friend, sea and sailing lovers with sea soul… Did you read it right?. Oooh, yes!!.

If you are here it is because you have read very well before so…what are you doing here now, my dear?. Try this link better.

Do you need to know more about this exceptional Nautical Outlet that comes from our Conscious Sea Shop?.

Here you have more reasons to go fast as the wind, straight to the coolest nautical outlet on the internet and beyond.

+ Most of the pieces are uniques , made one by one – sea art and sea soul inside- and once they leave they don’t go back, never ever.

+ Most of the nautical clothes are last sizes and once they fly the flew forever with its unrepeatable cool inside.

+ It is the one and only nautical shop that it is also a Conscious Sea Shop with a super Nautical Lifestyle Outlet online. With best choices from the nautical tradition. You can find here products that previously we analyze rigorously, so this work as a conscious customer- investigation and ponderation- is deeply done already.

+ To grab this kind of sea and nautical products with this high quality and aesthetic at this super reduced price is like the Halley’s comet, that only happens once in 75 – 100 years.

+ Just to do short this list: As an act of conscious consumption, to support small businesses. Thanks!

At this point, if you’re still reading this, it’s because maybe you just like to read.

Well, for you, Sea Lover and kind reader, we have more detailed information about our sea Lifestyle outlet.

Just relax and enjoy the journey through the seven seas.


We are not blanket sellers, well… yes, we also sell blankets. Why?

Let us explain the history of these merino wool blankets and you will see what we are talking about.

Long time before white settlers arrive, Native Americans traded blankets in exchange for other goods. Therefore, to exchange blankets from Europeans in trade for beaver pelts was a natural way to negotiate.

The first blankets used by the English settlers were simple, solid colors contrasting with some stripes. These blankets were manufactured in England and transported on their ships to North America. They started becoming essential for their trade and expansion in the American territory. This led to the founding of the Faribault Woolen Mill in 1865, the first factory to be built in the United States to manufacture blankets like those that, until then, the colonists brought.

From then on, these blankets are part of the history of the United States and its link with the old continent. For more than 155 years these blankets have been manufactured to the highest quality standards and have proudly been passed down from generation to generation.

They are currently known throughout the world for their quality, history and great beauty. These blankets create a home wherever you use them. With our selection that home always will have a warm and cool nautical aesthetic.

This is an opportunity to to grab yours at this special price in our Nautical Outlet.



The typical yellow fisherman’s hat, that is called The Sou’wester. It is a classic maritime icon.

Nautical outlet. Yellow sailor hat
Yellow waxed sailor hat made by Yarmouth Oilskins

This give you a cool charming nautical style. It is made by Yarmouth Oilskins and it takes inspiration from their archive since 1898. Made now in modern lightweight cotton waxed fabric. It offers a soft appearance, keeping all the touch of natural cotton.


Leatherman knives need no introduction. They are simply the best tools at land and on board. A must have utility knife. With Lifetime warranty. Now you have reduced prices for this little jewels in our nautical shop.


The most comfortable and cool puff in the market made with recycled sails.

Génois puff junior Unique Edition

You can find this last piece in stock in our nautical outlet. It is a perfect gift for the family, and you know…


Children are the priority of our world. Showing them the seaside side of life is a gift.

Hey Santa, you know…!

This sailor striped jacket makes a great and fun gift.


An unisex sea jewel made of 100% sterling silver sea shells.

Great present for Sealife Lovers that you also can find in our nautical outlet among other sea jewels… Take a look.


Could it be more wooowww?!!!.

We love this shark print timeless and contemporary fresh sea style.

We guarantee that it looks amazing on both women and men. Unisex nautical lifestyle in our nautical outlet.


The pioneers in stainless steel lunch boxes with a timeless, simple and robust design.

An ally in your day to day life and in that of your children.

With multiple uses besides to transport your food and daily snacks. A perfect conscious present for everybody!


This is love what I’m feeling…

Don’t you love this bandana at first sight?. Yes, we do!

This skymap is actually the most important surf spots on the Atlantic coast.

This beauty- blue or off white cotton – is a collaboration between La Paz clothing and Bonhomme


Sailor stripes are a wardrobe staple forever and ever.

Here you can find the perfect unisex nautical outfit for kids and adults.

Limited Edition by Les Écoliers x Just the Sea -made in Spain-, the classic marinière by Saint James – made in France- or modern timeless style from La Paz – made with sea soul in Porto-.

So… Now the best nautical Lifestyle is at your fingertips here, in the best nautical shop in the internet ocean.

Well, just enjoy the ride walking The Sea Side of Life!

Nautical Shop with the best nautical outlet online. Original and affordable gifts with sea soul

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