What is the Sea for you?; I have been asking this question to many people for almost five years. I am still surprised and amazed by the answers. The meaning of the Sea is really very different for everyone.

I ask this question out of genuine curiosity.
In the words of others I may find my own voice.
I am very grateful for those moments that these people give me.
They are true moments of connection with the sea and with each other.

What is it for me?

It is very difficult for me to express the meaning of the sea for me in words.
More than five years ago I gave myself my own answer:
Just the Sea – this project that I have chosen as a way of life.

What is Just the Sea for me?

The essence of Life. The mystery of existence.
Origin. The end. Freedom. Home.
I could add words ad infinitum, as many as yearnings, certainties, doubts and fears fit in Life.

“I think of the things I am learning on this trip and how difficult it is for me to transcribe them in my journal or even just analyze them. It is strange, but I do not try to understand them but to fill myself freely with them.”

Eduardo Rejduch de La Mancha

I feel the same way. I want to be filled with this experience – in my own way – Just the Sea.

NOW I would like to ask you;

What is the Sea for you?

I would love to know your answer.
If you would like to share it I would be very grateful to receive your writing – by sending an email with your text to info@justthesea.com or your video via Wetransfer.

If together with your answer you give me the authorization to share it on Just the Sea‘s social networks, mentioning your name, pseudonym or social profile -whatever you prefer- as a thank you

I will send you a CODE with a 10% DISCOUNT at Just the Sea Conscious Sea Shop.

Thank you so much for reading me, for being.

Enjoy walking The Sea Side of Life!

Angela Lago Founder of Just the Sea by SEA LOVERS

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