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Hooded Smock Orange

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Protective garment against inclement weather

A must have in your sea and city wardrobe

  • Exclusive and handmade
  • Limited edition
  • Made with 100% waxed cotton in Great Britain
  • Old pattern with a more comfortable fabric that is lighter than the traditional one
  • Manufactured by Yarmouth Oilskins in Great Britain
  • Yarmouth Oilskins have been manufacturing top quality workwear since 1898 .
  • To this day, it is still a small company faithful to tradition and that distributes its products in highly selected places, such as Just the Sea. It is an honor to be part of the small great family of distributors of a brand as unique, artisanal and cared for as Yarmouth Oilskins.
  • The pattern for the Hooded Smock was taken directly from his archive; In the recreation, they’ve used a modern, lightweight waxed fabric that wasn’t available when it was originally created, but fit the bill perfectly. Produced in Dundee by one of Britain’s oldest wax cloth mills, this emulsified wax finished cloth is lightweight, breathable and weather repellent. It offers a soft and voluminous appearance, maintaining all the character of natural cotton. The patina will develop over time and get better and better. This fabric is washable, air dry and light iron. After multiple washes, the waxed finish can deteriorate, so we recommend washing your garment as infrequently as possible.El Hooded Smock no tiene forro, tiene un cordón interior en la cintura y una resistente cremallera de latón. Tiene generosos bolsillos profundos de ribete con solapa abotonada y capucha de tres piezas.
  • Made in Great Yarmouth, Great Britain.
  • Yarmouth Stores has been making rain and cold clothing for over 100 years, originally the workwear for fishermen, the merchant marine, farm workers and miners. The oil was applied to the cotton by hand at his factory in Great Yarmouth. It is documented that in 1953 the factory would produce around 2,000 garments per week

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