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Golden drop earring

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Delicate and easy to wear earring with an irregular drop

Amorphous drop, as all drops are in reality

  • 100% Sterling silver hoop earring with 100% sterling silver drop plated with 5 microns of 24k gold
  • Unisex earring
  • Handmade by Angela Lago in Madrid

Angela Lago breathes life into contemporary and timeless jewelry, where organicity, life, and transformation replace traditional polish.

Every ‘imperfect’ detail becomes a distinctive feature, a unique footprint in each piece’s journey.

“In my creations, I seek a connection with essence and creative freedom, allowing each piece to have its own voice. Each meticulously handcrafted piece is unique, born with its own soul—even replicated pieces in numbered series bear subtly distinct details.

Discover in my jewelry a discreet powerful beauty that resides in the pieces themselves, forsaking bright and flashy finishes.” _ Angela Lago_

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