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Light over the sea by Gustavo Blanco-Uribe

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Light over the sea

Photography on cotton paper and acrylic paint 50 x 34 cm

Unique piece. Test print.

The possibility of creating an alternate space of an instant of everyday life and contemplating without issuing any type of judgment, can create a dialogue between the image and the form, acquiring between them a unique space to observe and meditate.

The shapes to be studied are the product of the reconstruction made by vision. Implying that geometry is present in everything, the manifestations of nature and in ourselves. Taking advantage of this law of nature, a double game is proposed in a playful sense of what is real and what is not, the imaginary and reality. The only effective tool we have is Geometry, which organizes space in a sensible way and therefore, a sensitive geometric intervention.

Gustavo Blanco-Uribe, Caracas 1972

Versatile artist who has developed a multidisciplinary career in the fields of plastic arts, decoration and fashion.

After years of studying Fine Arts, Illustration and Decorative Arts at Altos de Chavon School of Design and then at Parsons School of Design, he began his career in New York painting for decorative and window dressing projects, responsible for image for large fashion firms. and designer for charity events for highly regarded organizations.

For ten years he has been fully dedicated to the investigation and realization of the Visual Arts between Madrid and Miami. It is part of “Malafama Estudios”, Madrid.

He recently presented his individual exhibition “Sinergica” at Tobe Gallery, Budapest November 19 – January 20. Individual exhibition “Ser/Parecer” at Casaquien Gallery, Santo Domingo, June 19. Awarded Creative Artist of the Year, 4th Art Suzhou Edition, Suzhou 2018. Solo Show “Acquired Space” at the Parenthesis gallery, Caracas, June 2016. Art Takes Miami, See/Me Art Organization, Scope Art Fair, Miami 2014. Lorenzo il Magnifico. VII Florence Biennale Edition, Biennale Internazionale dell’Arte Contemporanea, Florence 2011.

Represented by Dot Fifty One Gallery, Miami and Tobe Budapest Gallery.

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