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It is an original work by Fede Pouso, and is part of the special Blue Sirens collection, made exclusively for Just the Sea.

Blue Sirens is the artist’s take on the countless myths about mermaids and the sea.

A small work of art ideal for a gift.

  • acrylic on paper
  • Measures 15 x 15
  • Original and unique work


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Blue Sirens


This collection made by Fede Pouso exclusively for Just the Sea arises through the innumerable myths of the mermaids and the sea.

“These mythological half-human half-fish sea creatures do not come to sing to us to hypnotize us nor to show us their absolute beauty, they do not want to be goddesses, because theirs is already the gift of life.
These aquatic women are real women who dominate the power of vulnerability and feelings, from them arises the fluidity of finding oneself, without artifice, without falsehood, without deceit.
Blue, like the ocean, represents depth and what is hidden, what is not explored is what I consider my work to be a constant search for an approach to women, a contact with my hidden feminine part, unknown to me.

I like to portray the woman not as a muse, nor as an object of desire, she portrayed her as if she were making a car portraying the authentic feminine part of me. ”

Faith Pouso

About the author, Fede Pouso


He is a Sea Lover from the cradle, he was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, in 1988.
He carries the sea as an essential element linked to the memories of his childhood and his family.

Graduated in 2010 as a Fashion and Textile Designer, he began his professional career at an early age as an assistant and right-hand man to one of the most important haute couture designers in his country.

At the age of 23, he began working as a stylist in numerous fashion editorials for the main magazines in Uruguay.
As an art director and fashion producer, he works creating campaigns and visual content for designers and different brands, managing to be part of the direction and art team of the Uruguayan Fashion Week. He has worked, among other fashion brands, for Fendi, Calvin Klein, Clinique…

Since 2015 he lives in Madrid, Spain, the land of his immigrant parents, where he ventures into the theater as a costume designer and costume designer.

His foray into the world of visual arts stems from seeing his mother paint when he was a child.
He thus becomes a self-taught artist in Madrid, always exploring new paths that force him to leave his comfort zone.

In his works he uses fashion, paint and color as a means of transmitting a way of seeing the world, seeking to communicate what harms and generates love.

Fede Pouso is passionate about people who go against the current and dedicate their time and their lives to showing that we are not preprogrammed, that we are not just a simple chess piece and that love, our self-love, is the only cure.

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