The Surfing Tribe

A History of surfing in Britain


“The Surfing Tribe” is the definitive story of the history of surfing in Britain.

First published in 2009, this second edition has been significantly updated and expanded with an additional 32 pages and 60 new photos.

Written by renowned surf historian Roger Mansfield, the book pieces together the origins and history of the sport around the country. All the key characters are profiled, from early pioneers like Rod Sumpter to international heroes on the pro circuit like Russell Winter. The book also charts the evolution of British surfboards and looks back at the films and magazines that have portrayed the British scene over the decades.

  • 240 pages
  • Soft cover
  • Language: English

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Roger Mansfield is Britain’s foremost surf historian.

He began surfing in Cornwall in 1963, amid the excitement of the ’60s boom in surf culture emanating from California.

He was British champion in 1970 and has travelled throughout Europe, the Caribbean and Australia. Roger has written numerous articles for surfing magazines such as CARVE and The Surfer’s Path and he was curator of Surf’s Up! an exhibition of British surfing history which toured the country in 2004.

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