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Aqualung, handmade brooch

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Gulp, gulp, gulp…!

  • 30 x 35 mm brooch designed and embroidered by hand with great care.
  • Elegant & timeless cool
  • It comes in its cardboard box with velvet.

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Macon et Lesquoy brooches are hand-embroidered in Pakistan using age-old bead embroidery techniques and delicate fine metal threads.

They should not be cleaned, neither in one, nor even dry. No contact with water, acids or alcohol.

To keep your brooches shiny for as long as possible, avoid prolonged exposure to heat and light.

The appropriate thing is to keep them in their little black box.

If you happen to see a metal cable: don’t pull on it! Cut it as short as possible.

Do not fold Avoid friction (bag straps, seat belt, etc.), which could damage or tear your pins.

Attention :

Like any other brooch it can pierce certain delicate materials such as silk or leather.

Trick: If the front embroidery detaches from the back layer, you can stick it back on without any problem. Using a soft neoprene glue, apply it with a brush on both surfaces. Wait until the glue no longer sticks to your finger and put the two parts together.

Press firmly without tools, so as not to crush the embroidery.


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