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Sou’wester hat mustard

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The classic sailor hat

Perfect for rainy and cold days at sea or in the city


Made from a classic Yarmouth Oilskins pattern in the UK, using 100% cotton fabric, waxed with emulsified wax.

The result is a classic unisex hat with a perfect finish and a lighter fabric than the one used in the past.


Sailor hat

The Sou’wester , is a classic sailor hat maritime icon, reinterpreted in a light and modern waxed fabric. Emulsified wax finish cloth is lightweight, breathable and weather repellent. It offers a soft and draped appearance, maintaining all the character of natural cotton.

Same aesthetic as the original Yarmouth Oilskins Sou’wester, but redesigned for use today. Each row of seams on the brim is individually hand-sewn. The crown is double lined for greater resistance to the elements.

The hat has storm-protective ear flaps and an adjustable neck cord that allows it to be worn around the neck. These can be stored inside the crown. It has a leather slider on the neck cord that will soften and age with use.

The Original Sou’wester hat is made from the same waxed fabric as the Hooded Smock so it will be resistant to rain and the elements, however it is not seam sealed so we cannot guarantee it is 100% waterproof .

Made in Great Yarmouth, Great Britain.


M/L, S/M

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