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Dazzle Razzle Ship 1

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Dazzle Razzle Tribute number 1

Inspired by the original models made during the First World War. With an imperfect finish, like the originals, deliberately aiming for a “vintage effect”, which is part of the charm of these dazzling little models.

  • Designed, made in resin and hand-painted -with water-based paint-, all in Madrid, by Sea Lovers for Sea Lovers
  • Unique piece

Enjoy all the history of the Dazzle Razzle in our Sea Lover’s Journal.


The Dazzle camouflage models made by Just the Sea have been featured in Nautik magazine – nautical supplement to Forbes Spain- as timeless and cool gift.

You can read the amazing story of these camouflage boats in our Sea Lover’s Journal


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