27 “Surfboard for asphalt made with recycled fishing nets

“Flip surfing an endless wave”

  • A skateboard is not going to save the world but its use does contribute to transmit a vital message, a conscious lifestyle
  • If you are a surf lover and aware of the need to take care of the sea, this is your surfskate




“The Ahi” is a high performance Carver Surf Skate made from ghost recycled fishing nets, drifting nets that constitute a great danger for marine animals and man.

“The Ahi” unites the patented Surfskate technology Carver with the sustainable and ecological manufacturing process of Bureo, which manufactures products from the plastic fishing nets collected from the sea. Its design and construction is based on one of Carver’s most popular designs, with innovations that go a step further in the sense of grip and flow.

Unlike other plastic boards, “The Ahi”, in addition to recycled plastic network, is wider, concave, incorporates a double kick with the tip bent and a fully functional tail kick to increase grip, facilitate the pumping and allowing more extreme turns. Made to surf throughout life, the rigid and very durable deck maintains stability and resistance in any situation.

This surfboard for asphalt has a lot of flow and allows you not only to improve your surfing technique, but also you will be helping to save the ocean that we love and on which we all depend.

It allows to train all the year and in any place, helping to improve the technique of surfing and having fun to the fullest. Pump up so easy you’ll never have to stand on the ground!

  • Fish scale design and a custom grip grip with a picture under water, with a small fish eye hole to hang it on the wall, stainless steel fasteners and the new Ecothane wheels, which replace the urethane with soy
  • Comes complete with CX 5.0 axles and Roundhouse Ecothane wheels 65MM 81A
  • Measures: L: 27 “W: 9” N: 3 ½ “T: 5 ¼” WB: 14 “


Good vibes only!