Special gift for those who appreciate art and the sea, whatever their form…

Each bottle and each box are unique pieces, different as each wave, created one by one with organic material.

23 NAO, North Atlantic Ocean, from Agua de Surf is the essence of the immensity of the Atlantic…

It awakens the senses and evokes with all the strength of the sea the deep connection we have with it. Delicate, refined and intense, it is pure emotion!

Eau de Parfum, 60 ml with natural spray vaporizer



  • Notes:
Bergamot citrus freshness. – Energy of amber wood molecule. – Fortress made of cedar wood. – Charisma of oud wood. – Serenity of sandalwood. – Balance of vetiver root. – Determination of nutmeg. – Passion of black pepper. – Generosity of clary sage. – Nobility of ambergris.