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Sidekick utility knife by Leatherman

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Leatherman Sidekick utility knife

multi-tool, with 14 uses in one


It has everything you need to be able to work more agile, with an excellent quality-price ratio.


  • It stands out for its spring-loaded pliers, i.e. a metal spring that makes the pliers return to their initial state and makes it much easier to tighten and loosen with one hand.
  •  It is a very versatile multi-purpose Leatherman.
  • The Leatherman Sidekick’s one-handed opening system allows you to open the knife with the tool closed, and its rounded handles make holding the new spring-loaded opening pliers very easy and comfortable.
  • In addition, the blades are accessible from the outside.
  • It is a tool made of stainless steel, which makes it very resistant and as it is designed to have a variety of uses in one, you can leave your toolbox aside and start carrying little weight.
  • It includes a black nylon sheath that will make it easy to carry it wherever you need it and protect it for good maintenance.
  • Weight: 198.4 grams
    Closed length: 9.70 cm
    Main blade length: 6.6 cm
  • Tools accessible from the outside
  • Tools accessible with one hand
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Scissors size: 4.8 cm (2.5 in.)
  • 25-year warranty

In stock

1. Thin-nose spring-loaded pliers

For gripping or manipulating materials, designed for tight spaces or small objects. Recover open position when not in use. Designed to reduce hand fatigue.

2. Common spring-loaded pliers

Spring-loaded universal pliers. They return to the open position when not in use and are designed to reduce hand fatigue.

3. Spring Wire Cutters

Spring Wire Cutters

4. Wire stripper

For stripping the cable sheathing. A wire stripper suitable for different types of cable.

5. 420HC knife blade

Made of 420 HC steel, a corrosion resistant and easy to maintain stainless steel.

6. 420HC serrated blade

A serrated blade made of 420 HC steel, corrosion resistant and easy to maintain.

7. Saw

Made of 420HC steel, designed to be more efficient with a pulling motion, which requires less effort in cutting and helps to avoid breakage.

8. Ruler (3.8 cm)

Measures up to 3.8 centimeters

9. Can opener

For opening tin cans, perfect for camping or survival situations. The blade is designed to prevent the metal to be cut with burrs that can cut the user.

10. Bottle opener

Useful for opening soft drinks.

11. Wood/metal file

Made of 420HC stainless steel with a rough surface very useful for filing wood and metal surfaces.

12. Phillips screwdriver

13. Medium screwdriver

14. Small screwdriver

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