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Garrucho hanger

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Garrucho, marine-inspired hanger

The garruchos (bronze carabiners) recovered from the sails are tied to hemp ropes to generate these light and expressive hangers.

It exists in different sizes and number of pulleys:


Width: 100 cm // 39 in. Height: 150 cm // 59 in. With 7 carabiners


Width: 70 cm // 28 in. Height: 150 cm // 59 in. With 5 carabiners


Width: 40 cm // 15 in. Height: 150 cm // 59 in. With 3 carabiners


Height: 150 cm // 59 in. With 1 carabiner

The approximate delivery time is between 3 and 7 days from the confirmation of the order.

The Garruchos are the bronze carabiners that are used in some old sails to hang them on the bow stay.


DVELAS emerges as a creative reaction to reuse a large amount of discarded material from the sailing industry. Material that is not good for sailing but nevertheless has excellent qualities of durability and resistance.

The models in the collection claim the plasticity of the sail and use the rigging techniques, technology and way of doing things of professional sailmakers as a path and inspiration for the design.

DVELAS avoids using the material as a lining or upholstery, on the contrary, the idea is that the material continues in tension, working in the same way as when it was used for sailing, thus restoring dignity despite the fact that the sail has already been butchered.


Garrucho 1, Garrucho 100.7, Garrucho 40.3, Garrucho 70.5

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