Sea wake bracelet

As clear and elegant as the sea

The wake of a boat, of a surf board or whatever slides through the sea leaves a mark, a footprint that hypnotizes, an unmistakable geometry that obeys the laws of physics.

This bracelet also is a pice that you don’t want to stop looking and delight yourself in its sobriety and elegance.

  • Each piece is unique because they are hand made by Angela Lago and it comes numbered.
  • You can choose metal: Gold plated brass , 100% sterling silver or ***100% gold on request and the price will be given according the metal price at that moment.
  • All are made to order
  • Designed and made by Angela Lago x Just the Sea
  • Inspired by The Sea, designed and made at Sea in our Furia 44 sailing boat home-studio, finished in Madrid in our Studio-Showroom that you can visit by appointment



Geometry of the sea

Is a collection of jewels inspired in the sea and its geometry, obvious and hidden but always beautiful and full of life

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Gold plated brass, 100% Sterling Silver