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This Miró visor is part of a series of 10 unique visors inspired by the art of Miró and Picasso.
We have designed two models, Miró and Picasso, all handcrafted by Andrea Viêntëc for Just the Sea and numbered from I to X.
The material of the Miró visor is 100% cotton with a rigid “soul” made from recycled plastic drums.
Each piece is delivered numbered, with an original drawing by Andrea Viêntec in A5 format and inside a cotton bag to protect the piece.
One size. It is adjusted by tying the side straps.

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Miró-Picasso visors created in collaboration with Andrea Viêntëc for Just the Sea

In addition to the aesthetic attraction for the work of Miró and Picasso, the first thing that came to mind was their important relationship with blue and the symbology that both attribute to it.
Also in both cases we deal with characters linked to the Mediterranean, by birth and devotion that appears throughout his works.

We have imagined some Miró and Picasso as sea lions, using the visors as a canvas, which in turn draws new lines when they dress near the sea, our infinite canvas…