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How to measure ring size?

To ensure you choose the correct size for your ring, follow these simple steps:

1.- Diameter Measurement: Take a ring that fits you well and measure its inner diameter in millimeters. This will give you an accurate reference for the size you need.

2.- Circumference Measurement: Another way to measure the size is to wrap a measuring tape around your finger at the point where you would like to wear the ring. Note the measurement in millimeters and compare it with a size chart to find your suitable size.

3.- Remember that it is important to take the finger measurement on a warm day or in a hot place, as fingers tend to be more swollen in cold weather.

4.- Just tell us your measurement results and we will tell you the ring size for you.

Please keep in mind that these rings are handmade and usually they are irregular pieces, so sizes are approximate.

There are times when a size fits one finger or hand for a season and then another. That’s part of the fun too.

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