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Salt Water Magazine Volumen 2. “The Ones That You Remember”


You instantly know when you’re experiencing something that you’ll always remember.

It could be at home or on the other side of the world. It could be a major event or a tiny little slice of life that happens to catch your eye. But, regardless of the rhyme or reason, something about it strikes you. And even if you don’t immediately recognize why the memory will be significant, there’s a certain feeling involved. The feeling of it etching itself into your mind and earning a place in your heart. Sometimes you find the meaning later and
that’s perfectly fine.

This issue is dedicated to faces and moments. The ones that you remember.

Get out there and experience the madness and joy of it all

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Salt Water magazine Volumen 1


Salt Water wild surf magazine

Surf & Art meet point

Salt Water is a bi-annual printed magazine focused on the revolution that is shaping alternative surf culture all over the worldSurfing has a lot more to offer than performance shortboards and wave pools, and this magazine is for people who share that belief. This is a place for creators to express themselves and share their art. It has been created to inspire the rise of a wild new era in wave riding.

192 pages revue, printed in recycled paper