At Just the Sea we offer quality products related to the sea, with a very careful aesthetic.

We propose a sea-conscious lifestyle, walking on The Sea Side of Life.

Just the Sea was born as a personal project -created by Angela Lago-with the intention of walking and growing up seeing life from the sea, getting involved in the transmission of its legacy as well as the awareness of its existence and presence in all facets of life.
Everywhere you look everything is sea

Sustainable sustainability


We contribute to a healthier life, to the care of the environment, with a focus on the sea.

We offer products that provide a solution for a more sustainable day-to-day life.

We bring a carefully crafted aesthetic to everyday life through our timeless products, which convey the legacy and stories of the sea.

Timeless, forever & cool.

Just the sea friends

Just the Sea collaborates with other enthusiasts and passionate about the sea: artists, researchers, individuals, companies…

Just the Sea joins other projects, platforms and initiatives that help to spread the word about the marine world, our world.

Just the Sea offers a space for meeting and collaboration to people whose work and concerns are related to the sea.

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Wherever we see life, there is sea!

Approximately 4 billion years ago at the bottom of the SEA, LIFE began, with small cells that gradually, over millions of years, joined together and developed into more complex and diverse forms.

WATER is the main element of LIFE on our planet. The surface of planet Earth is covered with water in a percentage very similar to the amount of water in our body, 70%. Likewise, the proportions of water and trace elements in the SEA are equivalent to those in the human body. We are aware of all this and that is why…

We want to live a life according to our own nature.

We want to take care of our genuine source of life.

We want to pass on the legacy of the SEA to EVERYONE.

We want to act with a sense of universal responsibility.

We want to grow in freedom from respect for oneself and others.

We want to support and encourage sensitivity to everything around us and allow us to live in better harmony with ourselves, our surroundings,
our environment.

WE WANT SEA…Good to sea you!