In Just the Sea we are going to celebrate this Valentine’s Day with all of you who are in love with the sea. On February 14 we presented Sirene, the only publication published entirely on algae paper and distributed in Spain by Just the Sea. All the sea lovers have an appointment at 19.30 in La Fábrica (Alameda, 9), in Madrid, to meet the creator and art director of this marine jewel made for people who feel close to the sea even when they are far away from it.

Sirene is a biannual magazine very careful in terms of content, layout and design, and edited in English and Italian. In it it is allowed to surf and dive for reports that go up the waves in the Pacific, solitary navigators of oceanic crossings, islands and beaches to discover, customs and traditions in coastal environments, stories of secret ferries, lost classic ships, whale shark routes, or Reports that demand a reaction to the massive marine pollution.



What difference does Sirene make of other magazines about sports or activities at sea? The poetry, the words, the touch, the images, the details, the gifts he makes to the reader. Because Sirene is made of emotions and all directed to the sea, its life and its light. The two languages ​​used for their texts also aim to connect the Mediterranean and the Pacific Ocean and, from those two places, reach their readers through carefully selected points of sale. Thanks for choosing us. Just the sea, which also meticulously selects each project that it welcomes, fell in love at the moment when looking at the first Sirene and discovering its beauty and its commitment to the sea. The publication uses paper made of algae for its printing, taking advantage of the excess that exists in lagoons at risk. For every half kilo of fresh seaweed, one kilogram of wood is left unused.

In the presentation of February 14 will be its creator Alberto Coretti, sailing teacher, diver, expert in classic boats, and former editor of the Urban magazine of the Italian publishing group Rcs Mediagroup, responsible for the Corriere della Sera; and its art director, Sergio Juan.