On the occasion of our first anniversary we decided to extinguish the candles in the only way we know: meeting to talk about the sea, to analyze our relationship with it, and to find the best formulas to take care of it. Today, June 11, we will celebrate it in the Solo Collection, with an action in which artists of the stature of the actor and playwright Santi Senso, the watercolor painter, Aleks Stepien will participate, the photographers Lorena Olmedo and Ana Zaragoza, the musician David Velasco who will play the Viola de Amor, as well as the Ecomar Foundation, Fundación Biodiversidad and Vertidos Cero.

As you know all are lovers, we are also passionate about art, as a channel of communication. So we have had the immense luck of being able to celebrate our great day in a special place in Madrid, the space that houses the Solo Collection, a private museum of contemporary art with works by artists of 28 different countries and that direct Ana Gervás and David Cantolla. The act also aims to celebrate the day of the oceans (June 8).

The event will be opened by the actor Santi Senso, who will be dramatizing a text related to the oceans. A workshop will be held by the watercolorist Aleks Stepien in which the participants will draw the sea in organic fabrics. The workshop is directed by Bubble Creative. Next, the invited organizations will intervene and the event will conclude with the embroidery of the watercolors in the garments of the participants.

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