Just the sea and Burbuja Creativa schedule active meetings around the sea in 2019

In Just the Sea we are looking for unique anonymous with sea soul to enjoy marine encounters near or far from our coasts. Maybe you are one of them and want to be part of our giant wave of awareness and respect for the sea.

Our first experience to unite the paths of these #unicosanonimos was celebrated last June, coinciding with World Oceans Day. Conch shells, wounded whales, cetacean songs, sea depths, smell of the sea and humans who dived in Madrid. This was part of what happened in the Madrid space of the Solo Collection. A unique meeting attended by 30 lovers of the sea, art and commitment to the planet. Given the success of the event, Just the sea will hold other similar meetings throughout the year, together with Burbuja Creativa and other collaborators, to connect the soul of the most unique and anonymous around the sea. Ocean, metaphor and life in a sincere debate, without prejudice, from the respect, to generate drops of water in a sea of ​​consciousness.

The Embroidered Sea, as the meeting was called, started with the intervention of the actor and playwright Santi Senso, playing the ocean. The exciting song of Santi to the Sea was first accompanied by the sound of a conch shell, calling attendees to this creative break with the sea, as if it were a siren song that sea creatures come to. Senso, dressed in a blue sea cloth and a big tail, guided those present through the museum: “I smell that day when my mother shed her flesh and spread her pieces all over the planet and created continents. The mother of all mothers broke waters and created rivers, tributaries, seas, oceans to bathe us. ” The song of Santi became a manifesto to become aware of our responsibility to nature: “Forgive me for dressing you of my waste for bathing in you with my garbage.” The representation took advantage of, as a scenario, a good part of the works that the museum currently houses, with the exhibition of the Taiwanese Mu Pan, where the marine scenes stand out. In many of his works it is necessary to use a magnifying glass to perceive all the details of the scenes that, in many, refer to global warming. Big Whale was the work of Mu Pan chosen by Senso: A sea of ​​blood where a whale wounded by the attack of hundreds of harpoons.



Santi Senso closed his performance in a museum room where from three screens the sea was showing with videos made by Carla Rogel. The actor recited a lullaby to a whale while thirty attendees had already become creatures of that sea. At another stage of the performance, accompanied by David Velasco’s love viola, like a rumor of waves, the actor recited a poem to Earth.



The second part of The Embroidered Sea took place in a room where a workshop led by the watercolorist Aleks Stepien was held. Attendees painted watercolors on organic cotton fabrics that were then allowed to dry and subsequently embroidered to their own clothing. During the workshop, a video of the apneaist Guilleume Nery was also projected, where a whale’s song is heard.



The event also involved pioneer foundations in the cleaning of seas and coasts such as the Ecomar Foundation, which was attended by Gastón Cedrone; of the Fundación Biodiversidad, with Víctor Gutiérrez and Carmen Berrio, and with the Association Vertidos Cero, with Cristina Gómez.





  • Espacio SOLO
  • Santi Senso
  • David Velasco
  • Ana Zaragoza
  • Aleks Stephen
  • Lorena Olmedo
  • Luisa Alvarez
  • Fundación Ecomar
  • Fundación Biodiversidad
  • Asociación Vertidoscero
  • + 30 #Unicosanonimos