Impeccably made in the UK

Our favorite garment 

The iconic and traditional Fisherman's Classic Smock refined to suit the needs of today's customers.

This was the garment that sailors and fishermen originally wore as a loose-fitting garment to protect their knitted sweater, traditionally made from sturdy cotton canvas fabric.

The Yarmouth Oilskins Classic Smock has a spread collar and two pockets, made from 100% cotton twill and treated with contrast tape cuffs and slits.

The color, the feel, and the workmanship is simply "impeccable".

Each wash gives it a look and feel of previous use and a touch of "lived-in garment".

Manufactured in Great Yarmouth, Great Britain.

  • Unisex
  • Reference for sizes, see picture:
    • SIZE S: A 55 cm / B 62 cm / C 64 cm
    • SIZE M: A 56 cm / B 64 cm / C 65 cm
    • SIZE L: A 61 cm / B 66 cm / C 65 cm

PLEASE NOTE ** this style is based on a traditional fishing robe, worn loosely as a protective garment over others. The fabric is not stretchy and is styled to fit over the head, so we suggest sizing it up rather than down, to allow for ease of movement and wearability.

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Yarmouth Oilskins has been designing and manufacturing quality workwear to the highest standards in Great Yarmouth, Great Britain for over 100 years.

Today, they still create their collection in the same factory using traditional methods using many of their original patterns. They have a team of 20 craftsmen, many of whom have been with them for 25 years. The youngest recruit is a fashion design and technology graduate from Manchester Metropolitan University, currently training as an assistant factory manager.

Traditional workwear, originally designed for practical use in the workplace, is still being created for the 21st century.

They work with British suppliers and manufacturers wherever possible. Fabrics are sourced in the UK, mainly from mills in Yorkshire and Lancashire.

The result is a unique style of coastal workwear developed over a century of trade is still as popular "all over the world" as it was in the early 20th century. Concerned that the garments manufactured today remain true to the original products that have been manufactured for over 100 years.

Today they treasure the wonderful archive and history of the company, continuing the legacy of Yarmouth Oilskins, with a collection perfect for modern living.

At Just the Sea we are proud to be part of their selected network of outlets around the world.

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