Immersion Surf Magazine Volume 1


The voice of surf women

Magazine about surfing made, lived and seen from the feminine point of view

This first volume has had a fantastic reception, both for the different point of view and its content, full of careful reports and photographs.

Language: Bilingual English / French


– Man and wave

(Marie-Amélie Néollier)

– Yakutat

(Dom Daher)

– Anatomy of a surfboard

(David Charbonnel)

– Meet Leah Dawson


– A journey to the end of the world

(Aicha Dupoy de Guitard/Mégane Murgia/Annabel Talouarn)

– Elisabeth Pepin

Surf photographer

– The island of islands


(Yann Breton)

– Lee Ann Curren and Marie Pascale Delanne


– Medoc blues

(Sheyenne River)

– Wild thought : Immersion, surfing and fluid forms

(Fréderique Seyral)

– The spirit of the forest


– Mindful eating : hypotoxic nutrition

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