Solstalgia by Marina Vitaglione


Solastalgia is a form of nostalgia that you feel when you are still at home, but the environment has changed.

Written in the voice of Venice, a city abandoned by its inhabitants and gradually sinking into oblivion, this moving book recalls its former life of greatness and speculates on the result of the worsening of its situation.

The photographs are made of film negatives that remain soaked for weeks in the same Adriatic sea water that is deteriorating and actively swallowing the city.

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By combining fictional stories and poetic photographs, Solastalgia sheds light on an increasingly urgent environmental problem that affects the archipelago of the 118 islands that make up the city of Venice, Italy.
Venice is a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and the European city most threatened by the impact of climate change. Its buildings and fragile foundations are progressively eroded by the increase in the world’s sea level, the sinking of the land, frequent high tides and maritime pollution caused by huge cruises. In the last hundred years, the water level has increased by almost 30 cm (12 inches), which generated a “great concern” on the part of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee in 2016.
The fragile foundations of Venice are slowly eroding because of rising tides, sinking and pollution, which undergo a brutal transformation that threatens an irreversible change in this beloved city. Illustrated with degraded images of films submerged in sea water from the Adriatic, this photo / text documentation reveals a narrative in which the city of the lagoon relates in a moving way its own disappearance.

Written in English with Italian translation, in a small booklet included at the end of the book.


Hardcover, 84 pages, cover 24 x 17 cm
Stitched and bound section; Brochure inserted with Italian translation
41 color photographs, 12 pages of literary text.
Publication September 25, 2017 | ISBN: 9780994791924

They said about him…

“One of those rare projects which combines creative concept with urgency of subject, and where all elements exist in a brilliant balance.” – Lewis Bush

“A really great concept and perspective – The photography is beautiful, and the text very powerfully pulls the work together to connect with the subject on an emotional level.” – Mandy Barker

“[The text] in combination with sea stained imagery situates the complex issue of climate change inside a poetic narrative, creating space for viewers to contemplate what it is like to experience loss in the wake of an environmental disaster.” – Julia Bennett, Lenscratch

“A beautiful book of a fine body of work, and an important global issue. I’m very pleased to have my own copy before it’s too late.” – Tracy Homer

On the list of the TOP 20 PHOTO BOOKS recommended at UNSEEN Amsterdam Book Market 2018, selected by Richard Sporleder of Café Lehmitz in Cologne

Featured in WANTED CREATIVITY, Fabrica Circus at Fondamenta sant’Anna 994, Castello, Venice, 24 May – Sept 2018

Solastalgia is part of the following collections:
École Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie (Arles, FR)
Library Factory (Catena di Villorba, IT)
Foto Colectania Foundation (Barcelona, ES)
Hellenic Center for Photography (Athens, GR)
Officine Fotografiche (Rome, IT)
Tufts University Library (MA, USA)