Shackleton’s journey, William Grill (Activity book)


Activity Book in English, about Shackleton’s trip to the South Pole

The coolest Activity Book ever seen!

After the success of the wonderful jewel book “The Journey of Shackleton”, William Grill returns with a book of complementary activities that is also a beautiful book, a work of art full of adventures.

Some things that kids can do with this book:

• Find your way through the frozen heart of Antarctica with the help of your guide, Sir Ernest Shackleton.

• Design your own epic adventure and recruit volunteers.

• Use your skills to create maps and flags, and prepare your own survival kit.

• Make a magnetic compass and a paper boat.

• Test your knowledge of the facts about the South Pole.

• Beat the sea monsters!

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English language

80 pages | 225x280mm | Soft cover | ISBN: 9781909263802