Cádiz, The Oldest city


Cadiz photo-book

Cadiz, the Siren of the Ocean according to Byron, is a city that gives off the beauty and poetry of the sea and its History linked to it.

Venturing in the heart of the city is like walking in time. Its walls, worn out by the weight of time, are witness to historic landmarks. From his port, Hannibal embarked on a quest to conquer Italy and Christopher Columbus set sail for the discovery of the Indies. The bartizanos surrounding the Castle of Santa Catalina defended the city from the siege of Napoleon and, along its alleys, a famous cry: ¡Viva la Pepa! There was a shout that celebrated the declaration of the first Spanish Constitution of 1812

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TSize A6, 24 + 4 pages. Photography and text: Ana Zaragoza.
Correction of texts: Roberto Villalón and Nacho Moreno.
Design and layout: Caravanbook
Translation: Darío Quondamstefano
Digital color laser printing by Pulseprint
Cyclus paper 90 grs. (100% recycled)

ISBN: 978-84-945627-0-9

DL: M-21884-2016

The first 100 copies of this book have been made with the support of Sala Kursala of the UCA (University of Cádiz, Spain).