Surf & Stay is a visual travel guide, about the coast of Portugal and the north coast of Spain

Guide made by Veerle Helsen, a Belgian architecture journalist, who one day decided to leave his stable job and set off on the path of his dream, guided by his two great passions, the sea and photography.

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The result is a tremendously beautiful, sincere book, full of emotion, sensitivity and true connection to the sea.

Veerle made the trip alone, driving a van along the coast of Portugal and northern Spain. She is a beautiful and honest guide, she tells the beautiful and the not so good... The trips are not always "ideal", also unforeseen events happen that are part of the adventure of life.

While immersed in this adventure, Veer was writing this guide, looking for interesting places and tips to surf, enjoy the sea, sleep, eat and visit the most interesting architecture in each place.

The wonderful photography in this book is taken by local photographers from each place she visited, other prominent international photographers and also images captured by herself using drones.

Surf & Stay is a 100% independent guide, there are no sponsorships or paid mentions. You won't find any clichés either. You will find hundreds of incredible photos that capture the poetry of the ocean and the intense special relationship that surfers and sea lovers feel.

Language: English