Seahorse teether, bath toy, field and beach, sensory game, decoration …

It is part of the H2Origami collection whose objective is to contribute to raising conscious children of the Water Planet!

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  • 100% natural rubber
  • Biodegradable, sustainable and respectful with the environment
  • Made in one to one molds
  • Hand painted with food pigments
  • Completely safe for children, without holes, for safety and hygiene.
  • NO Toxics
  • NO Plastics
  • Social project, each boat that is sold contributes to the schooling of children in North India

Tribute to the Ocean that aims to involve users in the respect of the oceans and all the creatures that inhabit it.

This message is completely in tune with Just the Sea, for that reason, and because we believe in collaboration and in the importance of creating positive networks, as soon as we met the entire Oli & Carol collection dedicated to the sea, it was a crush, deep down and in the way. We share values and objectives, giving importance to the aesthetic, artisanal and artistic sense. For that reason, in Just the Sea you can find all his collection dedicated to the sea .

In addition, Just the Sea donates 1% of each purchase to our website.

Currently we collaborate with the FUNDACIÓN ECOMAR