Wild algae of the Atlantic

The Patron is a young collector whose work is born of a deep knowledge, respect and love of the sea.

Just the Sea has selected the algae from La Patrona for being the fruit of a work full of authenticity, care and passion resulting in an excellent product, with a careful presentation in “paper bags”.

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  • Dried barnacle seaweed 40gr “Codium tomentosum”
  • Gathered and processed in Galicia
  • Organoleptic properties
      • Appearance: Green alga in the shape of a fleshy bouquet with rounded tubes. Velvety touch It reaches 30cm in length and thickness up to 1cm in diameter.
      • Smell and taste: Strong smell of the sea. Very intense flavor of seafood, a barnacle.
      • Color: Bottle green.
  • How to use: Rehydrate in warm water 20 minutes.
  • Kitchen Once rehydrated use as a fresh vegetable. Ideal crushed or minced in fillings such as croquettes, empanadas, in creams for sauces. Chopped on salads, toasts, ceviches, tartar, tempura, tataki. Being gelatinous links very well. Good thickener
  • Health it stands out for its magnesium, iron and protein content. Overcome copper-rich foods such as crustaceans, molluscs or nuts, and products rich in zinc such as chickpeas, lentils, soybeans or meats.