Sturgeon loins in oil

Sturgeon Alma, a unique preserves

Handmade by canned El Capricho, in Santoña. Cooked and canned with Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Castillo de Canena

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  • Acipenser Baerii sturgeon loins, from young specimens, bred entirely in Spain, under the premise of sustainability/li>
  • The result is a white meat, soft and fine, delicate and surprising flavor, with a low energy contribution
  • WITHOUT any type of preservative or additive
  • Carefully crafted in a completely handmade way
  • It can be taken directly or used to make tasty recipes
  • It is an excellent source of protein, phosphorus and Omega3 fatty acids. It is highly valued in haute cuisine for its versatility, its meat finely veined with fat and juice.
  • Esturión Alma has been awarded in Paris with the SIAL innovation 2018 award