Natural cockle in “Agua Mareira”


The cockles of “La Riviere”, always alive and fresh, come from the exceptional sandy beaches of the Ría de Noia, where they are collected at low tide by their shellfish, which ensures its fine flavor, texture and high quality.

For its texture and delicate flavor are authentic sea chocolates!

They are naturally depleted in seawater and selected, one by one and by hand, to be sorted by size. These are 28/30 caliber. Packaged in Auga Mareira (filtered natural sea water)

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“La Riviere” is flavor, it is style and it is pleasure gathered in a can. It is reduced to the basics looking for the sublime: the best raw material, simple but intense, round, touched by just enough to highlight its charms.

Each bite contains all the strength and intensity of the Atlantic. Wake up passions …