Ocean 52® recovery is the only functional drink with minerals from the deep ocean that helps reduce fatigue

Refreshing drink with deep ocean water and magnesium

There is an immense force in the ocean, the force of a deep and millennial current. This current begins a long journey through the depths, where absolute darkness, cold temperature and extreme pressure reign.
Under these conditions of maximum purity, water collects more than 70 minerals and trace elements. Especially magnesium, which helps reduce fatigue and fatigue.

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This ocean strength is now within your reach with ocean52, the only beverage that allocates 52% of its available benefits to ocean protection
  • Lemon flavor
  • Transparent and colorless, like water
  • Pack of 6 bottles of 330ml each, 100% recyclable
  • Glass bottle with screw cap, so you can take it everywhere and reuse it
  • Ingredients: water, sea water, deep (4.5%), sugar, magnesium, natural aromas, acidity correctors: citric acid and sodium nitrate.
  • It contains the minimum sugar to make possible its stability and conservation. It is not sweet as it usually happens with soft drinks.
  • Suitable for all ages