Three-in-One Giant


The largest ECOLunchbox in the collection. It has twice the capacity of the Three-in-One Classic

Bento lunchbox for big appetites!

  • Stainless steel off-road lunch box
  • NO toxic, NO plastic, NO waste
  • 3 sections to keep food separated

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  • Measurements:
    • Closed: 13.33 cm wide x 17.80 cm long x 7.63 cm high
    • Upper box: 4.45 cm depth
    • Bottom box: 3.18 cm depth
    • Rectangular small box inside: 6,35cm wide x 12,1cm long x 4,12cm high with lid (the inner dimension is 3,81cm). This small container can be stored inside the lunch box, on the upper level, or used separately.
  • The clips of the lunch box can be adjusted to obtain the desired stiffness / tension.
  • It is not watertight, but it works well with moist but not liquid foods, for example: cut fruits, hummus and other thick sauces, as they close very well. However, being completely stainless steel, without any seal or seal, sauces and liquids can drip.
  • NOT suitable for use in the microwave
  • YES they can be used in the oven, over medium heat, and in a gas camping kitchen
  • YES they can be washed in the dishwasher
  • Designed in California and made in India

Distributed in Spain and Portugal by JUST THE SEA by SEA LOVERS