Stanley Outdoor Green Mug

An infallible classic for its quality and aesthetics.

  • Thermal mug with lid
  • 0,35 L
  • Holds hot for 1.5 hours, cold for 3 hours and on ice for 15 hours
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Ultra-high-strength, heavy-duty steel of the highest quality
  • Lifetime warranty. In the EU 25 year warranty.
  • Without a doubt, Stanley continues to make the best thermoses in the world.

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Stanley has been making solid, ultra-strong thermos flasks since 1913. Of course, since then, their designs have evolved over the years. They are now much lighter, for example. But that doesn't stop them from having a very long life. Thermoses continue to last for generations. 

Stanley uses thicker steel than other brands. This makes the bottles a little heavier, but they also last much longer. Stanley pays a lot of attention to the production process in their own factories. In addition, they do not skimp on the quality of the steel. All other parts are also made from sustainable materials that last a long time and have no additional impact on the environment. The plastics used, for example, are BPA-free.

Stanley thermos flasks, without a doubt, are still simply the best.

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