Sun Stick SPF 50+ Deep Blue, special for sensitive areas


The highest sun protection for sensitive areas of the face

Blue color super fun and cool!

Formula designed to protect the skin from the sun during sports at sea, in the mountains or in the snow.

  • Nanoparticles FREE
  • Free of trash that harm the environment and potentially put people's health at risk

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    • FREE nanoparticles
    • silicones FREE
    • parabens FREE
    • phenoxyethanol FREE
    • petrolatum or petrochemical derivatives FREE
    • FREE alcohol
    • sulfates FREE
    • Pack of 10 gr made with recycled and recyclable material

Sun Stick SPF 50+ has a complete and water-resistant formula: very high protection filters are a barrier to UVA and UVB rays, and active antioxidants and moisturizers protect the skin from external aggressions during sun exposure and during bathing: wind, salt water, cold.

  • Apply the Sun Stick 50+ on all sensitive areas of the face: cheekbones, nose, forehead.
  • It exists in different colors, all with the same composition based on organic and mineral filters.
  • This is the color “Intense blue”, a vibrant and matte color.
  • This color applied on the cheekbones limits the reverberation of the sun in the eyes.
  • Do not run for the eyes during the bath or long surf sessions or surfing strong throughout the day.
  • Manufactured in France and tested under dermatological control.

    Key Assets:

    Shea Butter: hydrates, nourishes in depth for a regeneration that revitalizes tissues and restores elasticity to the skin
    Wax Bee: soothes and protects the skin thanks to its emollient and film-forming properties.
    Tepezcohuite plant extract: activates and prolongs cellular rejuvenation
    Vitamin E: helps fight against free radicals and protects against UV damage contaminants -Extract of rice oil: antioxidant