Red Breton sailor hat

Wes Anderson's Life Aquatic Style

  • This is the Breton Miki watch cap, the traditional and authentic sailor's hat.
  • The hat has no visor to avoid flying in a gust of wind and the ears are free to hear the sound of the waves.
  • Watch cap in wool cloth with turned-up edge.
  • Adjustable by means of a strap on the back for a perfect fit.
  • 70% wool, 30% polyester

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We've selected the most special pieces from Saint James' Atelier collection, handcrafted in his workshop in Saint James, which is where the brand takes its name from, very close to Mont Saint Michel in Brittany, France.

Since 1858, the Breton Saint James striped T-shirts have been the official T-shirts of the French navy and have become a symbol of authentic sailors and sea lovers.