Socks for adventurous children with their own style

Fire in the feet!

  •  100% COTTON
  • Washing instructions: wash in machine max 30C
  • Made in BARCELONA.

Perfect combination with Alma de Mar

Clean up
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We love and identify with Les Écoliers, with its spirit, for being a proposal full of light, freshness, freedom, art, crafts, respect, social sensitivity, love and sea.
This is his story:
Les Éscoliers is a new brand of children's clothing, born, produced and designed in the centre of Barcelonal.

Its creator, Berta Ferrer, is inspired by her childhood memories, in the 90s, where among other memories appears that of many summers playing in the "Passage des Écoliers", in a small French village.
The brand shows an infinite number of children's universes through its garments that always seek to convey a message. The final product has its own, daring, urban, street style, with hints of the world of surfing and skateboarding.

Les Écoliers is at the same time a brand that is passionate about expressive, creative and free children, so it takes care of details without hindering their ability to experiment and enjoy all the ingredients of everyday life.

The brand values the local product, the artisan gender being part of a fashion with social sensitivity, ethics and sustainability.

With this philosophy, les Écoliers presents unisex, comfortable, timeless, expressive, respectful and innovative garments.

"Put your clothes on and take them to another level"

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20-24, 25-29