Children who dream of the seas in a big boat, mothers who have the whole year the smell, the sea, the summer, athletes who can not live in without riding the December waves, the grandparents who would like to recall some marine adventure. Relationship with the sea is universal and constant. Making a gift associated with the sea is a good way to continue our union with the marine environment. If, in addition, it contributes to taking care of it, it becomes the perfect gift for this Christmas. To make it easier, we give you ten ideas:


For those who want to smell sea all year

Agua de Surf is the essence of the Atlantic Ocean tucked into jars and boxes that are unique pieces, created one by one with organic materials. This Eau de Parfum gets connected to your skin, with each drop, to the oceanic molecules of the North Atlantic. A perfect gift to become part of an authentic wave.


For small intrepid cabin boys

It is no longer necessary to be at sea to navigate. With this cardboard boat painted in pink or green, the youngest will enjoy adventurous adventures. In addition, it is a toy that respects the environment, fair trade and manufactured in the EU. Let the game begin with the cry of ¡anchor!


For the most marine palates

Authentic treasures of Galicia (Rías Bajas). La Riviere mussels of caliber 7 (a good mouthful of sea) fried in olive oil and preserved in soft marinade, according to the traditional Galician recipe. This gift is completed with some chips potatoes El Capitán in its salt point and the salad bowl Dos mares de Soraks (Two seas), a unique piece molded and painted by hand, so that the dinner is perfect. Crew, to the table!


To sleep in the arms of Neptune

Blanket with striped sailor design for naps on the sofa, on the porch or in the hammock. Very nice touch thanks to its 80 percent merino wool and 20 percent cotton. Before we sleep, the number seven of the magazine Sirene, an ode to the sea, printed on algae paper. Marine inhabitants, happy dreams.


For small explorers of frozen seas

Giant waves, whale tails whipping saltpeter and an adventure. This book, Shackleton’s Journey (in original version, in English) tells the adventure of Ernest Shackleton who wanted to cross the heart of Antarctica. The work, beautifully illustrated by William Grill, won the 2018 New York Times Best Illustrated Books Award. It is available a playbook on the history of the book. Who has not dreamed of being an explorer?


For sweet baths on the high seas

Can anyone resist washing with a soap called Sea Air? Now you can do it thanks to Linda and John, a couple from Portland (United States) have decided to create this jewel of foam, with which sweet baths can be smelling of salt. The Wary Meyers are glycerin soaps, without parabens, nor detergents, nor alcohol, and, of course, without being tested on animals. More foam, please!


To say hey! with a wave

Witchneeds are ceramic rings with a wave painted by hand. Therefore, each ring is unique as each wave of the sea. You can wash it and, of course, bathe in any ocean in the world with it. Now you can carry in your hand the movement of a wave with which to greet this Christmas.


For classic sailors

They never go out of style. We like everyone’s basic timeless clothes and they combine with many styles of clothes. This gray striped sweatshirt by La Paz brand is made on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, in Portugal, with organic cotton. It is unisex and is complemented by the book The other side of surfing, a book about surfing, told from within the wave.


For surfers and winter bathers

This poncho, in addition to beautiful is a perfect garment to dry and warm up after a marine incursion, especially at this time of year. The poncho, from the Slowtide brand, is designed in Baja California and, like all the towel garments of this brand, is designed for a graphic artist. The gift is completed with six bottles of Ocean52, the only functional drink with minerals from the ocean that helps reduce fatigue.


For consciences “without plastic”

This kit to take it to the office, to the beach or to the excursion with your favorite snack is ideal for those who refuse plastic containers to transport food. It consists of a titanium straw, two stainless steel boxes, one round and one rectangular, and an organic cotton bag with velcro.


…And a basket full of love to the sea

Another brand that loves the sea, Blanc Pescador, has had the sensational idea of making a 100% marine basket. The basket of #AmorAlMar is composed of experiences and products that respect the sea, full of love and commitment. And Just the Sea has signed up to this original proposal. We have added our ECOLunchbox products, containers to avoid the excessive use of plastic for food packaging. Ecological, resistant and really beautiful.