Agua de mar

We travel to the 1st International Sea Water Forum to see the benefits of drinking seawater

This week we met Mariano Arnal, vice president of Aqua Maris. We have heard it very close to the sea, from one of Just the Sea’s favorites, the Atlantic. Cradled by the roar of the waves of the Galician coast, where the road embraces its foam, Mariano has told us that a few years ago he wanted to demonstrate how good seawater is for humans. He anchored in a boat with a group of five other people to prove that he can live, at least seven days, drinking it. The experiment was intended to prove how wrong the belief was that a shipwrecked man died on the third day of drinking water from the ocean. Mariano and another person endured seven days, at all times, controlled by a doctor. They lost about eight kilos of weight, on average, but showed that life in the middle of the ocean is possible for a week. The vice president of Aqua Maris is convinced of the benefits of drinking sea water for more than a decade and a half. Now he drinks a daily liter of isotonic water that he prepares with half a liter of seawater and another half liter of fresh water.

We at Just the Sea have Ocean 52® recovery, the only functional mineral drink of the Ocean that collects more than 70 minerals.

Mariano’s was one of the talks of the I Forum of Sea Water and Seaweed that was held on October 24 and 25 in Atlantic Thalasso (Oia – Pontevedra), to which we went to meet not only with an expert in seawater but with professors, medical directors of the longest-lived thalasso in Italy and the wisest teachers in the consumption of algae. In addition, we share space with other innovative platforms such as ours in improving the relationship of human beings with nature.

The I International Forum of Seawater and Seaweed (FIAMAM) showed that seawater should be more present in our lives. This meeting has helped us to feel more proud of the path taken and to continue investigating how to improve our lives with respect to the planet we live in.