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tribute to Benjamin Britten

by Manuel Saro

Tribute to Benjamin Britten. Four notebooks, objects of art, each with three different works of marine themes.
Created by Manuel Saro for the inauguration of Just the Sea.


Thankful as immense is the sea for having the generous collaboration of Manuel Saro.
Proud to inaugurate Just the Sea with such an exquisite work.

LM 1

LM 2

LM 3

LM 4

Manuel Saro

Madrid 1970

Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Complutense University, also studied architecture and perspective. He has attended the Fundacion Marcelino Botin`s workshop with the artist Mitsuo Miura. He received the Arts Fellowship in Mojacar and the Ministry of Culture. In 1999 he received the Goya Award of the City of Madrid, and in 2006 the Caja Castilla la Mancha Award, among other awards.

His work is part of several collections, including Coca Cola Collection Spain, La Caixa, Caja Madrid, Museo Municipal de Arte Contemporáneo de Madrid, Norte collection of the Government of Cantabria.

Since 1996 he has had solo exhibitions in major Spanish and international galleries like Maxestrella, Metta and Seiquer in Madrid, La Nave in Valencia, T20 in Murcia, Juan Silió in Santander, Paulo Amaro in Lisbon or Artiscope in Brussels, among others.

He has participated in numerous group exhibitions and international fairs ARCO, Chicago, Torino, Milano, Cologne and Paris.

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