Coinciding with our first anniversary, we inaugurated a new exhibition in our Sea Lovers Friends space. And we do it with a great defender of the oceans and an exceptional artist, the gaditana Marina Gadea, which reflects in all her work her commitment to nature and, especially, to the sea.


Marina, what do you think the audience feels when they approach your work?

For me painting is the simplest way to express the deepest and richest human being. It is a necessity, it is linked to the life of each artist and is a continuous dialogue between the work and the painter. The canvas is the artist’s diary, where he tells or expresses his emotions and feelings, where he can transpose any idea however abstract it may be.
When you are able to create something that speaks from your soul and connect with others, that is when art happens. The process, let go of any worry or fear, and just let it flow. It allows me to express myself with a message to the world: strength, life, ability, sensitivity, understanding, love, beauty and respect.

You define yourself as a landscaper. What is your opinion about the future of nature?

I am interested in the landscape as a system of representation from which man can measure his world. The thread that runs through my work is a great fascination with nature, along with his willingness to travel and experience landscaping.
My work is driven by the observation of the landscape and the cultures that are found through travel and aims to connect people and places.
I believe that art can be a powerful form of environmental activism and generate transformative movements.
I try to awaken consciences and critical views on the problems of the current industry and macroeconomic policies that are causing serious problems in the environment. Artists and scientists have the ability to offer a deeper understanding of our ocean. We are storytellers who help us see in other ways. The application of these talents to marine science and conservation can create a new space for dialogue and understanding.


“Artists and scientists have the ability to offer a deeper understanding of our ocean”


I work with art as a key to achieve the global objectives of the UN by opening the hearts, minds and imagination of people, to inspire action for a healthy and sustainable future.


Where does Blue Origin come from and what is your research about the Marie Tharp sea floor maps that inspire the work?

If science is a way of observing the world, “art for me is a way of explaining it”.
Art and science have always been mutually inclusive for me. As an artist and practicing scientist, my approach to art incorporates science through the use of creative and innovative techniques and methodologies. I reinterpret science as art.
The ocean is a sensorium: it is a space that registers changes and challenges the senses. Science and art are transforming the understanding of the ocean, how it is perceived from the multiplicity of life forms that inhabit its dynamic environments, how different cultural forms shape the ways of life in the oceans.
In Blue Origin I start from the research on the oceanic cartography of the seabed, it is peculiar and little known. We are used to seeing the Earth in its most superficial slope, preventing us from seeing beyond the marine surface.

The oceans, occupying more than 70% of the surface of the Earth, are the places with less cartographic information. The geologist, Marie Tharp was responsible for developing the first map of the ocean floor in 1977, combined the technique of cartographic representation of the maps with the technique of illustration, which resulted in multiple maps that would represent the geographical limits of the oceans. .

Together with the artist Heinrick Berann, Tharp created a system of colors to paint the maps: red for the volcanic zone, blue for the zone of the abyssal plains and purple for the oceanic ridges. The result of this great documentation work came in 1977 when he presented the world map of the ocean floor. THARP gave light and color to the seabed.

Blue Origin is a proposal of new territories to explore. When I’m choosing a material to use, I focus on the temporalities they embody; brass, copper, graphite, iron are ancient minerals that have been used since the early days of humanity, are primitive and have a special and beautiful aura … I feel as if I was going back to the origin of things and creation.

A rereading of the oceanic world contemplated in an ontological and poetic perspective.


“The geologist, Marie Tharp was in charge of elaborating the first map of the ocean floor in 1977, which gave rise to multiple maps that would represent the geographical limits of the oceans.”

You see nature from above, what do you intend to express with this point of view?

The connection with the ocean is a real privilege. Swimming, surfing, surfing I have always been amazed at its power, while as a diver I have been able to witness the many treasures it holds in its depths.
Whether using the power of the wind, waves and currents in a sailboat or floating with the flow below the surface, I have come to understand better how small we are, but what a tremendous damage we are doing to what is our source of original life .
For me, painting is like diving. Normally I do it with my paintings arranged on the floor, handling the brush as if I were immersing myself in them. I look at them under the water, I hold my breath … so I come to the surface and take them to the canvas.
It is not until we see what is living in our oceans that we can not begin to appreciate it enough to start caring for it. Relatively few people have the opportunity to go below the surface, so I hope my works can offer a glimpse of the incredible ocean.
There is a quote that I love about Rachel Carson: “Drink in beauty and ask yourself the meaning of what you see”. If we really take the time to do this, we will find that it is impossible to contribute to the destruction of that beauty.

What is the Blue Mind project of which you are an ambassador?

As a defender of the oceans, I have been telling stories about the sea all my life, but what I am most proud of is being an international creative ambassador for the “Blue Mind” Organization. With my works I try to underline our responsibility to treat us with more kindness and to preserve and appreciate the pale blue spot that is the land, the only house we have known.
That’s our house. That’s us. In it, all you love, all you know, all you’ve heard, every human being who once was, lived their lives.
With each painting I try to convey that everything we do for our planet is important, remember that we are connected with each other, emotionally and biologically. The sea unites us.
It symbolizes the deep connection between people and this planet that astronaut Eugene Cernan described as “the most beautiful star in the sky, the most beautiful because it is what we understand and know, it is home, people, family, love, life”.
I believe that art can be a powerful form of environmental activism. My work tries to take action on the subject of plastic in our oceans and remind us of our responsibility to protect our fragile planet.


“With each painting, I want to remember that we are connected with each other, emotionally and biologically. The sea unites us

How do you see the relationship between women and art?

Every woman that has inspired me on my way is a part of what I am today, and when I look in the mirror, I see them all.
I like to surround myself with projects that trust my vision and my feminine instinct, only by using my sensitivity can I get involved in several levels of concept, soul and aesthetics.
It has been very interesting to participate in the book “Está en ti, llamada”, the second book of the trilogy Tu Lienzo en Blanco, where María José Rosselló toured the history of art, with special emphasis on all the wonderful women, who They contributed and contribute to humanity through their work. Women who found their essence, their purpose in life and still found serious difficulties to realize their dreams.
I enjoy the act of collaboration; It is important to trust in creative relationships, something that can give birth to many ideas.
Shortly inaugurated exhibition in the restaurant of Angel Leon. What do you think those who eat at the restaurant will experience?
For years it has been a huge dream to exhibit at the Tide Mill AponienteA unique place for all of us who love the SEA.
I am moved by people who excel and grow in company giving the best of themselves. With generosity to share their knowledge and intelligence and humility to continue learning. I am very grateful to @angel_leon_aponiente and the whole APONIENTE family for allowing me to sail a few months on their boat and be part of your crew. When the end is the same, the roads end up joining together.
My proposal in Aponiente mixes art, science and gastronomy betting on our sea. Betting on the planet.
Unity does not add, but multiplies. And the desire and our motivation to fight to change the world, either. A lot of emotion exposing Aponiente, a place where everything is marine, everything is sea!


“My proposal in Aponiente mixes art, science and gastronomy betting on our sea”

What is your favorite corner of the ocean?

Since childhood, I have been attracted by the happiness and freedom that the sea provides.
I always liked the sea. My parents had a boat and I always wanted to sail, then go for light sailing, windsurfing, swimming and diving.
Quoting Loren Eiseley: “If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in the water”. Although I have traveled looking for inspiration … without a doubt, I would choose any of the beaches of Cádiz, La Caleta, El Palmar, Zahara de los Atunes, and Bologna, such is its beauty and magnetism that it is impossible not to be attracted to it.
Marina ends our interview with a text she chooses to close this marine event.


GIORDANO BRUNO, XVII CENTURY, in his work “El Universo”:

I wish you water

Walk by the sea Move by its surface, below it. Sit on it. Salta Listen to her, touch the water. Fleet. Close your eyes and drink a large glass. Fall in love more deeply with water in all its forms, colors and shapes. Let me heal you and make you a better and stronger version of yourself. You need water And the water needs you now.

I wish you much SEA