Ana Tenorio, Beatriz Fernández Castro, Theresa Zabell, Ana Moya and Teresa Rapallo were little girls. And, when they were, they dreamed that summer would come to jump the waves, make sandcastles, chase crabs, sail … But also, when they were little girls, they really wanted to grow up to fulfill dreams and become what they were. that today are: women against all odds.


Theresa Zabell is optimistic about the current situation of women and their passion: the sea. Maybe that optimism comes as a child or is the result of having achieved incredible goals. “I am an optimist by nature” she clarifies, “and I hope to achieve the difficult challenges. At the age of 11, I dreamed of going to the Olympic Games and climbing to the top of the podium when women did not even participate in the Games. I never lost sight of that dream and it became a reality twice so I do not see why we can not now save our oceans. The statistics are better” recalls Theresa.

Thanks to her victories in the Olympic Games, Theresa managed to make Spain talk about sailing more than ever. And partly, for that reason, for having managed to make a sport so Spanish (we have about 6,000 kilometers of coastline) fashionable, it ended up being the first woman to occupy the Vice Presidency of the Spanish Olympic Committee. “I see the situation of the woman better than ever” she says. “We usually talk about what we still have to achieve, and that’s fine, because we have to be ambitious and aspire to have presence of women who set trends in all areas, but sometimes it’s not wrong to look back and see everything we have advanced in recent years” adds Theresa.

So much contact with the sea made Theresa become involved with its conservation. She is currently president of the pioneering Ecomar Foundation, an organization with which Just the is collaborates and with which Theresa is absolutely involved: “The truth is that Ecomar matters a lot to me. It started as a modest way of giving something back to society, but it has been growing, it has grown older and it is becoming a benchmark in how we should take care of our planet” she explains. “We are seeing that the road we started 20 years ago is the one that millions of people have decided to follow to clean up our seas and oceans. Ecomar was a dream, then a reality and now a responsibility”. “My current relationship with the sea -continues Theresa- is to take care of it and take care of it and I have to recognize that by doing this I really enjoy it”.

Theresa, a wish for this March 8?: That ALL women can enjoy this day and that men accompany us on our ways to achieve our dreams.


Ana Tenorio, Galician Handicrafts Prize 2018, likes to remember her childhood: “I have it more present than ever, it is still by my side. I was very curious, happy and with great imagination, any object was enough to create and play. Sometimes I think that I have not really stopped playing, with mud, with paint, with ideas”, she explains. Nature has been her source of inspiration: “It is where I feel free to flow, to feel. All doubts are cleared up in a walk through the forest or watching the waves crash on the rocks, it is inspiring. Any bath in our Atlantic waters is enough to plunge into oneself, feel good and in balance, get it to maintain the attention, the mental clarity I need and unlock any situation. I always feel that I am in debt to nature, because I believe that she gives us more than we really give back”, she emphasizes.

Ana is one of the most recognized potters in Spain thanks to the quality of her work. Her project, Witchneeds, is the brand in which she groups all her collections. Among the artisans, Ana tells us that there is a very good balance between men and women: “Women have a lot of weight. It’s a sector in which I do not see any discrimination and we have the same opportunities, in fact, there are many women creating ceramics with a solid discourse and a very good trajectory”. But until achieving the Crafts Prize there were bad stages that had to be overcome: “There were many frustrations, tests and, of course, joys, but through a constant internal dialogue, a way of overcoming and fighting, always believing firmly in the project” That attitude helped her make cooks like Pepe Solla fall in love with her ceramics and use it in his restaurant: “Pepe is wonderful, very creative and a great professional. I think we provide each other. Although our worlds are different, it has many connections: creativity, imagination, the love we both feel towards the raw material we work, even fire, which is as important in gastronomy as in ceramics. Knowing about it has helped me get closer and understand the world of haute cuisine.”

Ana, a wish for this March 8?: That we continue fighting to defend our rights and achieve our dreams, to be free, strong, and more united.


Beatriz Fernández Castro, Ana Moya and Teresa Rapallo are three women who have spent years in communication, fashion and luxury and decided to take the leap to embark on a project in which there was not only communication, but also distribution, selling … This is La Riviere, quality sea preserves. “La Riviere is more than a premium brand of Galician preserves, it is a way of life… taken care of to the maximum. -comments Beatriz- It is a brand that has made us change course, a fascinating world where we learn every day “.



“Our passion for blue comes directly from the Atlantic Ocean (in which Beatriz bathed every summer and looked for shells). We look for a blue for La Riviere, difficult to find in a pantone… Because we wanted a blue with strength and intensity just like our products, “he explains. The design is incredible, how could it be otherwise: “La Riviere trusted Fashionistas -Bastriz tells us- to create and communicate a different brand, taken care of from the inside out, we fell so in love with the project, that we decided to give a step to the world of distribution. Nobody was going to take care of it more than us, who better to understand a project that is born from the heart. From this we women know a lot … And we have united our experience in the world of luxury fashion & lifestyle”.

The women of La Riviere know that they are in a sector surrounded by a majority of hardworking women: “La Riviere is a team made up of five women, in the world of canning 85% are women, shellfish workers, manipulators in factories, They are very strong women. The truth is that since we launched La Riviere, everything has been support from the sector either male or female” thanks Beatriz. “In our image you can see how the four sailors (each one represents a product), are two men and two women” she says.

Coming from another world, Beatriz remembers that “the most difficult thing has been to make room for us in the market, but little by little we are achieving it and that is our personal challenge”. And the best of the adventure: “That people who do not even consume La Riviere write to us congratulating us for making them dream through our Instagram, one hundred percent inspiration LA RIVIERE”. Of course it also helps to find allies like Just the sea: “We met in a meeting and a good friendship emerged. Meet wonderful people who trust us, that’s the MOST!” Beatriz gets excited. “And that chefs like Juanjo Lopez, Pepa Muñoz, Yannick Alleno … trust us. ” Beatriz, as a good Galician gives, if necessary, even the DNA of her favorite Riviere: “of my four children (canned products) I prefer the white clam of Carril & Agiño. It is exceptional, it is chipped one by one and manually packed in sea water with a touch of lemon.”

Bea, A wish for this March 8 ?: Continue fighting together for a better world!