Valentine’s day is not only for lovers of love, lovers of the sea have in Just the Sea a selection of perfect gifts to navigate in the waves of the god Cupid.


For love at art

This photo-book is part of a limited edition of 600 copies, all signed by its author, Mandy Barker, the well-known photographer of “plastic soups” of the oceans. Last summer he exhibited in A Coruña, within the Mar de Mares festival. This Digest Edition is a condensed version of his book Beyond Drifting, from 2017, a unique collection of plankton specimens. Recommended to spend a Valentine with sofa and blanket.


Scents that fall in love

Every time someone opens a bottle of Surf Water is in the morning of this perfume. Each bottle and each one. Recommended for a Valentine’s day with a romantic walk.


Dinner for two

If you want a perfect dinner for two, we take care of everything with this set La Riviere-Soraks. The pack consists of two cans of large mussels from the Galician Rias, a bag of potatoes in its point and a porcelain salad bowl. Recommended for a Valentine at home.


Lovely animals

For lovers of turtles, our exclusive marine animal necklaces have added these incredible creatures to the collection. Made in two colors, black or natural wood without coloring, are ideal for adults and children. Recommended for a family Valentine.


Cities that are a love

Cádiz, named by Byron, as the “Sirena of the ocean”, is one of the Spanish cities of fashion, according to the New York Times. This book allows you to walk through its streets until it is full of light in the port from which Hannibal left in his conquest of Italy or Columbus set sail for the Indies. Recommended for a valentine traveler.