Luigi Dubini with glasses made with recycled nets from Just by Sea Conscious Sea Shop.


Thanks to our most adventurous collaborator, sailor Luigi Dubini, Just the Sea can be part of the toughest maritime event in the world. A few days after starting this transoceanic competition, Luigi has told us how he feels in the face of the Mini-Transat challenge, where the participants, with sailboats of 6.50 meters, are alone facing the ocean: “I am looking forward to sailing and crossing the Atlantic, the barcode is practically ready. I have already dealt with the latest needs such as security systems and have already held the last meetings before embarking on this adventure. ”

During the competition, consisting of 4,050 miles, Luigi conducted a field study for Just the Sea on the degree of pollution of the maritime areas through which the regatta will run: La Rochelle-Canarias, in a first stage, and Las Palmas to Le Marin, in Martinique, in a second.

The experienced sailor is looking forward to his little bar code: “Every time I see the boats moored in the port, I realize how lucky I am to have the opportunity to be part of this incredible race. It is a two-year project in which he took all the strength and energy I need for this experience and the truth is that everything I’ve done so far has been worth it just for feeling this. ”

During the last month before departure, Luigi has moved his home to the port of La Rochelle. “He really enjoyed training with a group of sailors who have helped me acquire the necessary skills to be able to compete with the rest of the competition fleet.”

90 sailors will depart from this French port this week and Just the Sea will “embark” with one of them.