This is the question asked at the time by Andrew Turton and Pete Ceglinski, two Australian surfers passionate about the sea and the oceans. They are the creators of Seabin, a project that we love in Just The Sea and that seeks to eliminate plastics and waste that pollute our oceans. The Seabin V5 container is a marine bin made of 100% recycled materials that, through a water pump, is able to attract and collect waste from the ocean, plastic bottles, oil, paper, fuel, detergent or even microplastics up to 2mm The objective of this initiative is to recycle this waste and reintroduce it into the production chain.


Chief executive and co-founder Pete Ceglinski.


The first who believed in Seabin, in 2015, were responsible for Port Adriano, in Mallorca, and that is where the first prototype was designed before the alarming increase in existing maritime pollution. Thanks to this project, 114,916 kg of garbage, about 1.4 tons of floating waste, have been removed from the oceans. Cigarettes top the list of the most collected waste in these containers, followed by larger ones such as plastic bags. Each Seabin has the capacity to collect 90,000 plastic bags per year and 61,900 bottles, all for less than € 1 of electricity per day.

At present, there are a total of 719 containers installed worldwide and they are located mainly in marinas and marinas, calm water places prone to the accumulation of waste and spills. Four of them are in Spain: three in the Balearic Islands (Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza) and a fourth in Barcelona.

Since 2016 this initiative has received numerous awards. The last received, the 2018 sustainability award in the Advanced Awards, or the gold in the social impact category 2018 in the Good Design Awards.



In addition to its work cleaning the oceans, the Seabin Foundation develops learning programs aimed at young people today, future decision makers, so that they can play a significant role in reducing the waste that ends up in our rivers, seas or oceans

Its ultimate goal, according to its creators, is simple: “live in a world where Seabins is not needed.” It is in our hands, in everyone’s, to help achieve it.