The Magi, in Spain; Saint Nicholas, in Austria; Santa Claus in the United States; the Befana witch in Italy; The 13 trolls in Iceland and the Russian Winter Grandfather have asked us to make a list of gifts for lovers of all ages.

Dear people in charge of delivering gifts all over the world, here are our chosen ones:


Marine houses

For demanding marine smell, Mediterranean breezes in candles made with 100% vegetable wax, pure cotton wick and floral and fruity notes with hints of nutmeg, jasmine and cedar. UMI L provides more than 70 hours of fragrance in a recycled glass glass and hand painted and wooden lid that will delight the homemade sea lovers.


Nanas that come from the sea

For storytelling families, the surfer, architect and painter Blanca Escrigas brings us in this book, There in the seas, a story that comes from the Atlantic, from the relationship of Blanca herself as a child, with the sea. The story, for pre-readers and readers of up to 8 years, tells the story of a mother who explains to her two daughters, why we should take care of the sea and nature.


I spend the day jumping

What child in the world does not love moving without stopping? For them, we have the water and fire pants. Of course, made of 100% quality cotton, with tweezers, front zip and relaxed fit. It is one of the most comfortable clothes to spend Christmas jumping, somersaults, flying on swings …


Sea and blanket

For long winter afternoons, we have changed the road and blanket for the sea and blanket. From the revival series, limited edition, with this piece inspired by classic sailor stripes you will not want to leave the sofa. It measures 127×182.88 and is made of 80% merino wool and the rest in cotton.


Surf + Skate

This is adventurous spirits, we have this wonder that has joined Carver, a consolidated brand among skaters, with Bureo. From this collaboration comes this jewel: The Ahi, a skate made with recycled material from fishing nets to surf on the asphalt. Of course, this gift is perfect for skaters, surfers and surfskaters.


What unites the sea

This ring is a perfect gift for those who do not resist barnacles and the symbology that represents the trade of those who dodge every sea stroke to catch them. The Small Lamperna is handmade, as this seafood is fished, in sterling silver , and is available in all sizes. For “percebeiros and percebeiras”.


Sailing in dry land

This beautiful cardboard boat is perfect for navigating corridors, living rooms, kitchens, rooms and terraces. It is handcrafted, it is environmentally friendly and fair trade. Without a doubt, for little infinite adventurers.


Eat at the bottom of the sea

This porcelain tray of Soraks of 28 cm in diameter is like every moment in the bottom of the sea. A school of fish passes a few moments and disappears. Made and painted by hand with a golden edge, this unique piece will be the delight of the most demanding marine palates.


Respectful smartphones

Your main communication channel deserves a cover at its height. La Pela Case, which Just the sea brings to Spain first, is a cover 100 % compostable for smartphones. Soft touch and high protection in case of falls. For technological echo.


The goodbye ship

The Santa María and its twin Vera Cruz were two 20,000 TRB packages that operated the Spain and Portugal line with Brazil , Venezuela and the United States, under the Colonial Company of Portuguese Navigation. Thousands of emigrants embarked on it, who in the 50s and 60s embarked on a better life. It is not a model because the scale is not respected. The author (unknown) made this piece in his own air, as if it were a toy. For nostalgic sailors.