Seville hosts the International Forum on Marine Garbage, Marlice 2019, which takes place from 10 to 12 April. 200 experts will analyze how to fight against this type of pollution.
Organized by the Spanish Association of Marine Garbage (AEBAM), at the International Forum on Marine Litter and Circular Economy (Marlice) will be developed conferences, oral communications and workshops that will focus on four fundamental issues: governance, research, circular economy and conservation and citizen science, where through the experts and the presentation of projects, the latest advances in marine litter will be shared. Each of these areas will have a clear objective.
The governance sessions will serve to present the achievements made in the implementation of the Mediterranean Regional Action Plan for Marine Residue Management. The latest developments will be presented, especially those of the Marine Litter Med project. Contributions will be explored at the regional and national levels to combat marine litter, and prevention measures will be discussed in relation to marine conservation policies, regulatory frameworks and the implementation of current and future regulations and policies.
The session focused on research will have the most prominent international experts and will present the latest advances in the field of characterization, distribution, modeling, monitoring and evaluation of the impacts of macro and micro garbage. In addition, this session will analyze, on the one hand, the Mediterranean and, on the other, the Atlantic, by counting each sea with its own action programs.
The circular economy session will analyze the initiatives that start from the private sector and in terms of citizen science will address the recovery of natural areas and the collection of data by citizens as well as the involvement of the fishing sector in mitigating the impact of the waste on the seabed.
The Forum is conceived as an international and multi-sectoral event that will bring together key representatives of public administration, research, the business sector, and environmental conservation entities with the common objective of fighting against marine pollution caused by garbage.