Although we are far from the sea, it smells of summer in every corner. It smells of long days of sun and sea breeze. So if you have not done it, we’ll tell you: It’s time to dive and let yourself be carried away by the waves!

These are the 10 essential gifts by Just the Sea, for a round beach day:

Protect yourself: At this point the importance of protecting the skin is more than internalized. The sunscreen Eco Sun Shield 50+ by Seventyonepercent is developed by lovers of the sea, designed for the face and the most sensitive areas, without nanoparticles, parabens or silicones, taking care of the skin and the environment.

Good view: The skin is not the only thing we have to take care of, the floating bamboo glasses with polarized lenses from Tree Tribe are perfect for those who change their point of view. Made of bamboo float in the water, they are that type of goggle, wayfarer style, which suits everybody.



With Soft touch. If you are someone who needs a lot of space on the towel, Slowtide has the perfect option. Makai Round besides being round is made of cotton, with summery style, light, soft and with very good wave.



Hydrate yourself. Be water, my friend. Lemon or passion fruit flavor, Ocean 52 is the perfect drink for your beach day. Transparent and in a 100% recyclable bottle contains the strength of the ocean so you can regain strength and reduce fatigue under the sun.



Under the Sun. Whether you are in an umbrella or not, the Panama Beach II hat, designed by Sol Pardo, designer named Vogue Talent in 2017 for its original work, is a perfect slow fashion option to protect yourself from the sun. Handmade by indigenous women in Ecuador and prepared in his workshop in Pardo Hats in Barcelona in exclusive collaboration for Just the Sea by Sea Lovers.



Beach picnic. Before taking to the sea it is important to take provisions, Ecolunchbox brings Three-in-One Classic Lunchbox, a practical and beautiful option to enjoy a meal on the beach when you want. Made of stainless steel and suitable for the dishwasher is all you need to be to take your food to another level (the sea).

Without plastics. If you are one of those who drinks by straw, we have the perfect solution so that you do not have remorse of conscience. Ecostraw titanium straw + brush is reusable, resistant and light, it also has a sharp tip to be able to perfuse some fruit easily and transport you to the tropics.


Disconnection. There is no better travel companion than a good read. In this case we propose Sirene Journal, a magazine that comes from the sea where you want to dive. It is made with seaweed and is ideal to feel the sea in your hands without having to get in contact with water.



Summer continent. You can almost feel the breeze ruffling and salt on your skin, you just bite the hook now you just need to put the essentials in the bag. The bag “Mediterranean” made and hand painted by Andrea Viêntëc for Just the Sea by Sea Lovers is self-regulating and is full of details so you do not leave anything behind.



The final touch. With the bag prepared, it is only necessary to take one last step to raise the sails and go out to fish. The necklace Kaia necklace is a unique piece, set in Sterling Silver and handmade by the sea by Inés Susaeta, the ideal complement to wear on the coast.