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Boat, recreation of the ship "Santa Maria"


Recreation of the Santa Maria boat

Part of the history of man and the sea, a way of connecting lives...

  • It is not a scale model but is built as a toy recreation which gives it a more cheerful and naive air.
  • However, both the hull and the other elements of the boat are perfectly reproduced although in a resized volume, "fattened", as if it were a figure of a boatman.
  • We have no reference to the author or the date when he performed it. Given the characteristics mentioned above, we must think that it was made by an amateur who built it more as a toy than as a model since he did not respect the scale, but this is precisely what gives it more value and makes it really unique.
  • Dimensions: 82 cm x 25,5 cm x 60 cm (with base 63 cm)